Precious and base metal blanks

Bulmint’s closed in-house production cycle guarantees the control of the processes on each stage - from the casting of the metals to the packaging and shipping of the final product. This allows us to remain flexible and focused on quality, delivery lead time, and competitive pricing

The factory is certified by TÜVRheinland for processing precious metals and alloys, manufacturing products, and products from them. The implemented quality control system guarantees the highest consistent quality level of finished goods, following international standards, and the requirements of our clients and partners.

Precious metal blanks

Our experience with coin and medal blanks dates from 2008. Our business model from the beginning is to produce blanks with quality suitable for real proof products with no further treatment required. Therefore we pay special attention to the surface finishing process. Blanks production became Bulmint’s core business.

All blanks are made according to our customer’s specifications. We produce blanks in various parameters and sizes - gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, and their alloys.

Metal / Alloy Composition in % Standart hardness ± 10 HV
Ag 999 Ag ≥ 99,97 30
Ag 925 Ag 92,5 Cu 7,5 80
Ag 333 Ag 33,3 Cu 66,7 100
Au 999 Au ≥ 99,99 35
Au 585 Au 58,5 Ag 41,5 50
Cu Cu ≥ 99,95 60

Surface finish quality

When processing precious metals, we follow a technology that provides the right grain structure for an optimal ductility of the material. Thus we can maintain the constant high quality of the blanks, which guarantees perfect striking results, especially on proof coins and medals.

  • Rolled
  • Bright Rolled
  • Drum Polished
  • Brush Polished
  • Pickled
  • CNC-turned
  • Ball Polished

Round Coin Blanks

Rimmed Edge


Bicolor Blanks


Rectangular Blanks

Base MetalCoin Blanks & Platings

The strong focus on base metal coin blanks allows us to expand our expertise towards different types of platings. The thickness of the platings may vary according to the customer’s requirements. Some of the most common are 2 microns nickel + 6 microns silver.

  • Gold plating
  • Silver plating
  • Nickel/ Silver plating
  • Ruthenium plating
  • Rhodium plating
  • Selective gold plating


Diameter Rim Tolerance
15 - 50 mm no rim, not annealed + 0.02 mm
15 - 50 mm rimmed + 0.05 mm
51 - 100 mm no rim, not annealed + 0.05 mm
Weight Tolerance Total weight tolerance
Proof blanks + 2% + 1%
Standard blanks + 1% + 0.5%

Edge Lettering

Edge lettering or edge decorating according to our customer’s specifications is available for coin blanks in diameters of 14 to 50 mm.

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