Payment and Delivery

Payment and delivery methods

  To Address To Econt Office Incasso* Pick-up at our office
Cash on delivery for orders up to BGN 9 780.00 for orders up to BGN 9 780.00 - -
Credit / Debit Card unlimited unlimited - unlimited
Bank Transfer unlimited unlimited
by prior arrangement
free delivery with our transport for orders above BGN 50 000
Cash - - - up to BGN 10 000

*This method of delivery is applied if the value of the items exceeds BGN 50,000.

The payment and delivery process explained

  1. When an order is received, a Bulmint Trade representative will contact the customer on the phone provided in the order details to confirm the order and the expected delivery time.
  2. The customer can choose to pay using one of the following methods:
    • Cash on delivery - in case the value of the order does not exceed BGN 9 780.00.
    • Credit/debit card.
    • Bank transfer - regardless of the value of the order. Bank transfer is the only kind of payment accepted when the value of the order exceeds BGN 9 780.00.
    • Cash - at our showroom for orders up to BGN 10 000.00.
  3. The customer can choose among the following methods of delivery:
    • Delivery to an address in Bulgaria using the services of a courier. This method of delivery is offered if the value of the order is up to BGN 9 780.00 when the payment method is cash on delivery and up to BGN 30,000 when the payment method is bank transfer. For the provision of courier services, Bulmint Trade's partner is Econt Express Ltd., and the seller has the right to change the courier service provider used by it, at its discretion.
    • Delivery to the courier’s office. This method of delivery is offered if the value of the order is up to BGN 9780.00 when the payment method is cash on delivery and up to 30 000 BGN when the payment method is bank transfer. You can find the nearest Econt Office here:
    • Delivery to an address in Bulgaria using an incasso vehicle. For orders above BGN 50,000, we provide free transport with our incasso vehicle.
    • Pick-up at Bulmint Trade’s showroom in Plovdiv or Sofia- without a limit on the value of items. 
  4. Each shipment is sent with the "Check" option. In case, after the check, the customer decides to return the shipment, the costs of delivery and return are at the expense of the customer.
  5. Each order is sent with a declared value (the value of the items) and insurance of the shipment.
  6. The cost of delivery is at the customer's expense and includes insurance, cash on delivery fee, where applicable, and courier service, calculated based on the price list of Econt Express. The total delivery cost is formed based on the chosen method of payment and the method of delivery.
  7. The term for processing the orders, regardless of whether they are placed through the online store or by phone, and their dispatching for delivery, when it is done through Econt Express Ltd., is up to 2 (two) working days from the moment of finalization of the order, insofar as the following conditions are met:
    • when the payment is requested through the "cash on delivery" service and the order is placed by 3 p.m. on working days;
    • when the payment has been made by bank transfer or through a virtual POS terminal and a confirmation of the transferred amount is received by 3 p.m. on working days.
  8. Terms of delivery by the courier partner of Bulmint Trade - Econt Express:
    • For populated places with Econt offices – on the next working day after sending;
    • For populated places without Econt offices – within 3 working days after sending, according to the service schedule.
  9. Shipments with damaged packaging integrity, as well as shipments that do not correspond to the order made by the customer, can be returned to Bulmint Trade. In this case, the return of the goods is at the expense of Bulmint Trade. In the case of damaged packaging of the shipment, the customer must promptly indicate this circumstance to the courier service provider.

For any questions regarding the methods of payment and delivery, please contact us at 0889 683 409.

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