2024 Graduation Silver Medal, 15.5g, engraved

95.00 BGN

An original graduation gift, suitable for someone who has finished a stage of their education - high school, college or university, or has earned a new qualification. The medal is minted out of 15.5 grams of 999.9 fine silver, struck to proof matt-gloss quality – custom engraving available.

Without engraving

The Class of 2024 Graduation silver medal is here to wish good luck upon this year’s high school, college, and university graduates, as well as all who are celebrating a hard-earned new master’s degree, PhD or another diploma or qualification. 

The day of one’s graduation marks a pivotal moment in life – a new beginning, filled with hope. The acquired diploma is a much-deserved reward for years’ worth of diligence and effort, and a symbolic key to success. Traditionally, important milestones are celebrated with presents made of precious metals - a long lasting treasure wishing good health, luck, and prosperity upon the recipient. 

Weighing 15.5 grams (½ oz) and masterfully crafted, this medal is an original graduation gift that will preserve the euphoria of one of the most important achievements in one’s personal journey. 

Each element in the design carries a hidden message to the graduate. 

The obverse is adorned with a relief illustration of a tree growing from the pages of an open book – an allegory for the knowledge cultivated throughout the course of one’s studies, for growth and personal development. A flock of birds is flying out of its lush crown, ready to spread out in search of new adventures. 

The image on the obverse resembles a coat of arms framing the respective year of graduation – 2024. Atop a shield stands an owl – a bird that has been associated with knowledge and erudition since ancient times. It also carries a deeper meaning and hidden message – well-wishes of wisdom and longevity upon the recipient. A laurel wreath frames the composition – a symbol of victory. 

The motifs are minted in proof matt-gloss quality in a diameter of 34 mm, to highlight every detail of the composition. 

You can customise the reverse with a name or short message by taking advantage of our laser engraving option. 

The thematic greeting card-shaped packaging has a designated spot where you can write a message or send your best wishes to the recipient.

Metal Fine Silver
Weight 15.5 g
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 500 pcs.
Diameter 34 mm

The book and the tree

The open book symbolizes learning and knowledge, and the tree - growth, regeneration and starting over. The combination of the two elements is a metaphorical representation of the lifelong process of acquiring new knowledge and skills.

The laurel wreath

The significance of the laurel wreath originated in Greek mythology, where it was tied to the god Apollo. The legend tells the story of the love between him and the nymph Daphne, daughter of Peneus, a Thessalian river god - when the gods transformed her into an evergreen laurel, the grieving Apollo weaves a wreath out of her branches and places it upon his head so that he may always keep his beloved close. All ancient temples dedicated to Apollo were adorned with laurel twigs.

The symbol was later revived by the Roman Empire, where it took on a new meaning - it became an emblem of the emperor, a visual expression of their power and strength. Its meaning gradually gained a triumphal aspect - victorious Roman generals would be decorated with laurel wreathes as an expression of glory, success and courage on the battlefield.

This symbolism has lasted through the ages - laurel leaves were commonly used in the heraldry of various European countries, and today they are largely known as an honor reserved for “laureates” - people with exceptional achievements in the fields of science, sports, art and more.

The owl

Cultures from all over the world see birds as heavenly messengers. For thousands of years, owls have been associated with knowledge, learning, erudition and affluence, and in ancient times they were companions to Athena, goddess of wisdom, and her Roman equivalent Minerva. Today the owl is considered a talisman for good luck in exams, interviews and other challenges.

Medals are minted pieces made through the same methods as coinage. They are classified as awards, commemoratives, souvenirs, religious, portraits, artistic, and society medals. Unlike coins, they are not legal tender and have no face value, but their aesthetic qualities have elevated them to an artform used for centuries to immortalise notable people, important moments in history, great achievements, locations, and other aspects of society and culture.

Bulmint’s products are made via modern coin-minting technology out of 999.9 fine gold and silver, but only some of them fit the criteria for investment products. Art medals are not considered investments, but they possess high artistic value and are popular among collectors. A small subset of them is made of precious metal alloys or gold-plated copper.

Each medal in our portfolio is distinguished by its proof quality – the highest in the coinage industry. The most crucial aspects of the manufacturing process – blank surface treatment, die production, and the number of strikes and amount of pressure applied during minting – are performed using specialised methods. This results in stunning contrast between the matt and the gloss elements of the composition.

Bulmint's art medals are an expression of our team’s creative vision and craftsmanship skills. The variety of the designs provides ample opportunity to include special features such as selective digital colorisation and a satin texture that visually stands out from the matt finish, highlighting selected details.

Our series of giftable keepsakes is inspired by an old Bulgarian tradition. According to folk beliefs, gold and silver possess magical properties and can bring protection, good luck, and even aid one during transitional periods. Since times forgotten, the most significant moments in life have been commemorated through gifts made of precious metals, imbued with well-wishes for good health, happiness, love, and prosperity. They are both a symbol of wealth and a means of attracting it. This tradition has transformed them into a manner of companion throughout one’s life journey. With gifts of gold and silver, we celebrate the moments we are graced with only once in a lifetime – the birth of a child, baptism, wedding, and any other occasion that marks a new beginning. The unfading value of the metal guarantees that these keepsakes will be preserved for years to come and even passed down to the next generation. Many of our gift medals can be customised through laser engraving – a personal touch in the form of a name, date, or heartfelt message.

If you opt for a customized medal, enter the desired text into the designated field. The design allows the engraving of up to 20 symbols.

For maximum accuracy when customizing your piece, we can only accept orders in written form made online through our website. We will contact you additionally for confirmation and to specify the delivery date. For additional information and questions regarding our services, get in touch with one of our representatives at +359889683409.

The estimated processing and shipping time for customized products is between 2 and 3 days.

Following Art. 57 (3) of the Data Protection Act, regarding custom-made items or ones made based on the user’s specifications, the Customer has no legal right to refuse or return an ordered and confirmed customized product (via laser engraving).

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