Investment Gold Bullion Bulmint, 2g

333.00 BGN

The gold bullion bar is glossy, with a matt edge. The manufacturer logo and name are minted in the centre, below is the weight and type of the precious metal – the “2g fine gold 999.9” mark and serial number. The bar has a vacuum blister pack, which is also its certificate.

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The bullion is smooth, with a matt edge, the company logo (also with a matt finish) and name are located in the bullion center, and under them is designated the weight and the type of the precious metal – the “2g fine gold 999.9” mark – and the serial number. The bullion back is ornamented with a simple embossed figure decoration.

The bullion is placed in a compact package with simple design in black with gold inscriptions and ornaments. You can see the bar itself in a transparent capsule. The weight, purity and the serial number of the bullion are specified on the back of the package. The package is manufactured by a leading company in the branch – with state-of-the-art technology and the latest anti-counterfeiting protection.

Investment gold is exempt from VAT under Art. 160 (1) of the VAT Act.

The authenticity of each bullion can be verified by scanning a unique QR code in the top right corner with Certieye® app.

Metal Gold
Weight 2 g
Dimensions 8,6 x 15,1 mm
Purity 24 Carat Gold

Gold investment products buyback

Bulmint One Ltd offers the buy-back option for investment products manufactured by the company, in accordance with the current state of the market, under terms and conditions pre-agreed with the client. The gold investment products under the Bulmint brand have their authenticity. In order not to lose value, they must be well kept and the following situations must be avoided:

  • Unpacking or package damage;
  • Scratches or defects on the gold bullion;
  • Scratches or defects on the package-certificate;
  • Bullion bending or deformations;


Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

Holders of gold and silver investment products with the Bulmint brand should take into account some specific storage conditions. Gold and silver are precious metals, which are very soft and easy to bend/deform. Investment products must be kept in a place of low humidity where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, in order not to impair the integrity of the package. Please do not use a sharp object on the package or the investment bullion itself – you risk damaging it.


All Bulmint products are packaged according to the highest criteria established in the world practice. Medal and collectable series are enclosed in capsules and boxes, and the most prominent ones have printed laminated themed packages. The gold investment bullion under the Bulmint brand are vacuum-packed in a special package-certificate, designated with the specific product batch and serial number.


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