2023 Graduation Silver Medal,15.5g

79.00 BGN

The 2023 Graduation Silver Medal is truck in 999.9 fine silver to proof matt-gloss quality, this thematic medal is intended to be given as a graduation gift. With luxury packaging and a certificate and authenticity, this product is the perfect gift for a high school or university graduate.

The new edition of the “Graduation” Silver medal is now in stock - this original graduation gift, meant for high school, college or university graduates, returns with its weight of 15.5 grams (½ oz) and a diameter of 34 mm. The proof matt-gloss quality and the purity of the 999.9 fine silver give an unfading quality to the beauty of this piece, which will serve as a lasting keepsake of one of the most significant early achievements in one’s personal journey. 

Completing one’s high school, college or university education is one of life’s most important milestones, and the acquired diploma - a much-deserved reward for years’ worth of diligence and effort. It marks a new beginning - a confident step towards the next stage in one’s life. Traditionally, occasions standing at the crossroads between the past and a brighter future are marked with a gift of gold or silver - a long-lasting treasure wishing good health, prosperity, new achievements, and success upon the recipient.


  • 15.5 g (½ oz) fine silver Ag 999.9 (99.99%)
  • Original artistic design
  • Proof quality
  • Luxury packaging
  • Limited edition for the year of graduation 2023
  • The perfect graduation gift


Each element in the design contains symbolism carrying a hidden message for the graduate.

The image on the obverse depicts a tree growing out of an open book, with a flock of birds flying out from its lush crown. It is an allegory for the knowledge cultivated through education, personal development, and growth.

The composition on the reverse resembles a coat of arms, with an owl perched on top. The owl represents knowledge, erudition, and affluence, with an inferred deeper meaning - wisdom and longevity. The inscription "Випуск 2023" (Class of 2023) specifies the year of graduation. The shield is framed by a laurel wreath - an ancient symbol of triumph.

Manufacturing technology

To execute this project and create the final product we implemented the newest technological advancements in the industry. We used the latest coin minting technology to highlight the aesthetic qualities of the silver. The depth of the relief and the cameo of the matt-gloss finish highlights every detail.

This silver medal would make an original gift for a high school, college or university graduate, as well as anyone who has successfully completed a stage of their education.

Order now and mark this milestone by presenting a keepsake that shines with the brightness of pure silver.

Metal Fine Silver
Weight 15.5 g
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 500 pcs.
Diameter 34 mm

The book and the tree

The open book symbolizes learning and knowledge, and the tree - growth, regeneration and starting over. The combination of the two elements is a metaphorical representation of the lifelong process of acquiring new knowledge and skills.

The laurel wreath

The significance of the laurel wreath originated in Greek mythology, where it was tied to the god Apollo. The legend tells the story of the love between him and the nymph Daphne, daughter of Peneus, a Thessalian river god - when the gods transformed her into an evergreen laurel, the grieving Apollo weaves a wreath out of her branches and places it upon his head so that he may always keep his beloved close. All ancient temples dedicated to Apollo were adorned with laurel twigs.

The symbol was later revived by the Roman Empire, where it took on a new meaning - it became an emblem of the emperor, a visual expression of their power and strength. Its meaning gradually gained a triumphal aspect - victorious Roman generals would be decorated with laurel wreathes as an expression of glory, success and courage on the battlefield.

This symbolism has lasted through the ages - laurel leaves were commonly used in the heraldry of various European countries, and today they are largely known as an honor reserved for “laureates” - people with exceptional achievements in the fields of science, sports, art and more.

The owl

Cultures from all over the world see birds as heavenly messengers. For thousands of years, owls have been associated with knowledge, learning, erudition and affluence, and in ancient times they were companions to Athena, goddess of wisdom, and her Roman equivalent Minerva. Today the owl is considered a talisman for good luck in exams, interviews and other challenges.

Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

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