Holy Baptism Silver Medal, 31.1 g, with engraving

149.00 BGN

Struck from 31.1 g of 999.9 fine silver, the Holy Baptism silver medal’s design embodies the belief that each Christian has their own guardian angel. The proof quality, the intrinsic value of the precious metal, and the custom engraving option make this medal a particularly original baptism gift.

Without engraving

The Holy Baptism silver medal celebrates one of the most significant moments in a Christian’s life. This spiritual rebirth drives us down a new, virtuous path – now accompanied by a guardian angel to protect us and guide us towards salvation. The design of this original gift of pure silver, meant especially for children, embodies this very aspect of that belief.

The medal is minted in proof matt-gloss quality out of 31.1 grams of 999.9 fine silver in a diameter of 38.6 mm. It is a limited issue product of 1000 pieces.

The obverse depicts an innocent child sleeping on a cloud and surrounded by the gentle embrace of an angel’s wings as a halo shines above its head. Under the inscription “Holy Baptism”, there is a designated spot for engraving up to 12 characters.

The reverse bears the now-familiar ornamented Eastern Orthodox cross. It is surrounded by intricate floral decorations inspired by the wood carvings that adorn iconostases all over Bulgaria.

The Holy Baptism silver medal comes in a themed package that serves as both a certificate of quality and a greeting card in which you can write your heartfelt wishes.

The image of the engraved medal is purely illustrative. It shows where and how the text is going to be positioned.

Metal Fine Silver
Weight 31.1 g
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 1000 pcs.
Diameter 38.6 mm
fields.Гравиране - максимален брой символи 12

Guardian angels

Eastern Orthodox beliefs hold that at the moment of one’s baptism – a spiritual rebirth into the Kingdom of God – each Christian gets their own guardian angel sent to protect them and guide them away from evil and towards virtue.

Angels comprise the lowest rank out of the bodiless powers of Heaven - servants of God, sent to protect and aid humanity. Their celestial nature is beyond human understanding and physical descriptions are scarce – the focus of the Holy Scriptures is always on their function, but many prophets have described the different ranks as they have appeared to them in visions.

Angels are in the closest proximity to man – in a number of writings, they appear before chosen personages in the guise of young men of unfathomable beauty as messengers and protectors. Secular and religious artworks depict them with wings, but this attribute is absent from canon descriptions. It is a symbolic representation of their role as intercessors between God and humanity, which has become an intrinsic part of the way Christians from all over the world see them – an inalienable aspect of their identity, much like the halo that signifies their holy nature.

The Orthodox Christian Cross

One of the most ancient and steeped in spiritual meaning images in the world - the cross is today best known as the symbol of Christianity. It represents the sacrifice of Jesus, through which, according to Christian doctrine, all human sins will be forgiven. The reverse of the Holy Baptism Silver Medal bears the image of an Orthodox cross decorated with floral and geometric motifs and a smaller cross at the tip of each arm.

Floral ornaments

The interwoven floral motifs framing the cross on the medal's reverse are inspired by the intricate church wood carvings, best exemplified in the altars and iconostases found in places of worship across Bulgaria. The mastery of the ancient craft is recreated using modern coin-minting technology, preserving the elegance of the ornaments and using the properties of the precious metal to highlight their beauty.

If you opt for a customized medal, enter the desired text into the designated field. The design allows the engraving of up to 20 symbols.

For maximum accuracy when customizing your piece, we can only accept orders in written form made online through our website. We will contact you additionally for confirmation and to specify the delivery date. For additional information and questions regarding our services, get in touch with one of our representatives at +359889683409.

The estimated processing and shipping time for customized products is between 2 and 3 days.

Following Art. 57 (3) of the Data Protection Act, regarding custom-made items or ones made based on the user’s specifications, the Customer has no legal right to refuse or return an ordered and confirmed customized product (via laser engraving).


Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

Owners of gold and silver products with the Bulmint brand should take into account some specific storage conditions. Gold and silver are precious metals, which are very soft and easy to bend/deform. The products must be kept in a place of low humidity where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, in order not to impair the integrity of the package. Please do not use a sharp object on the package or the product itself – you risk damaging it.


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