Luxury medal frame - small, white

Dimensions 80x80 mm Available 30 pcs.
17.80 BGN

The luxurious presentation frame allows you to display your favorite medals or coins in a completely new way. Placed inside, the medal can be displayed in a prominent place for you to enjoy at any time. The transparent membranes and the magnetic closure tightly cover the capsule and protect it from external influences. At the same time, you can view the medal in detail and from all sides without touching it.

The external size of the frame is 8х8х3 cm and is suitable for all Bulmint medals with a size of 18 to 32.5 mm, as well as for other medals and coins of similar size.

*The "Congratulation on your Baby" Silver Medal shown in the photo has a diameter of 18 mm and is for visualization only. Not included in the price of the frame.

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