“My First Christmas” 2023 Silver Medal, 15.5 g

99.00 BGN

A Christmas gift for a newborn baby that will preserve the joy of the first-in-a-lifetime experience for years to come. The “My First Christmas” silver medal is minted out of 15.5 g (1/2 oz) 999.9 fine silver, struck to proof quality, and tinted in warm holiday hues via digital colourisation.

Without engraving

A newborn’s days are filled with firsts, and each of these experiences transforms into a precious memory for the entire family. The “My First Christmas” silver medal captures the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime event in a stunning precious metal art piece.

The obverse depicts three animals we associate with the spirit of Christmas – a playful reindeer, an adorable penguin, and a fluffy white polar bear, clad in cozy hats and scarves. The winter-themed décor serves to emphasise the whimsical vibe – traditional holiday elements like poinsettias and yew branches are strewn across the composition, there are Christmas lights woven around the reindeer’s antlers, and snowflakes gently fall behind the figures. The colours, courtesy of the selective digital colorisation, breathe life into the illustration and recreate the warm feeling of spending time with our nearest and dearest – the true meaning of Christmas.

The reverse depicts the enchanting image of a village, with picturesque cottages peaking from underneath a snowy cloak as if in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. The inscription between them cheerily proclaims “Happy first Christmas” in Bulgarian, and the space inside the wooden ring is intended for customisation via laser engraving. The year this original gift for newborns commemorates is written above the scenic image – 2023.

The medal is minted out of 15.5 g of 999.9 fine silver in proof matt-gloss quality, has a diameter of 36 mm, and will be issued with a limited mintage of 1000 pieces for 2023. The festive packaging perfectly encapsulates the holiday cheer – and transforms this product into a keepsake that will allow the child to get in touch with its first Christmas years after they have gotten to experience the magic of this holiday to its fullest.

Metal Fine Silver
Weight 15.5 g
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 1000 pcs.
Diameter 36 mm

Medals are minted pieces made through the same methods as coinage. They are classified as awards, commemoratives, souvenirs, religious, portraits, artistic, and society medals. Unlike coins, they are not legal tender and have no face value, but their aesthetic qualities have elevated them to an artform used for centuries to immortalise notable people, important moments in history, great achievements, locations, and other aspects of society and culture.

Bulmint’s products are made via modern coin-minting technology out of 999.9 fine gold and silver, but only some of them fit the criteria for investment products. Art medals are not considered investments, but they possess high artistic value and are popular among collectors. A small subset of them is made of precious metal alloys or gold-plated copper.

Each medal in our portfolio is distinguished by its proof quality – the highest in the coinage industry. The most crucial aspects of the manufacturing process – blank surface treatment, die production, and the number of strikes and amount of pressure applied during minting – are performed using specialised methods. This results in stunning contrast between the matt and the gloss elements of the composition.

Bulmint's art medals are an expression of our team’s creative vision and craftsmanship skills. The variety of the designs provides ample opportunity to include special features such as selective digital colorisation and a satin texture that visually stands out from the matt finish, highlighting selected details.

Our series of giftable keepsakes is inspired by an old Bulgarian tradition. According to folk beliefs, gold and silver possess magical properties and can bring protection, good luck, and even aid one during transitional periods. Since times forgotten, the most significant moments in life have been commemorated through gifts made of precious metals, imbued with well-wishes for good health, happiness, love, and prosperity. They are both a symbol of wealth and a means of attracting it. This tradition has transformed them into a manner of companion throughout one’s life journey. With gifts of gold and silver we celebrate the moments we are graced with only once in a lifetime – the birth of a child, baptism, wedding, and any other occasion that marks a new beginning. The unfading value of the metal guarantees that these keepsakes will be preserved for years to come and even passed down to the next generation. Many of our gift medals can be customised through laser engraving – a personal touch in the form of a name, date, or heartfelt message.

We ship our orders with Econt Express. The cost of delivery is at the customer's expense and includes insurance, cash on the delivery fee, if applicable, and courier service. The total delivery cost is formed based on the chosen method of payment and the method of delivery.

Orders received by 3 p.m. on working days and chosen payment method cash on delivery or credit card are processed and shipped on the same day. Orders received after 3 p.m. or during the weekend, are processed and despatched on the next working day.

Each shipment has the "Check" option. In case the customer decides to return the order, the delivery and return costs are at the expense of the customer.

You can also get your order from the Bulmint showroom in Plovdiv at 24 Otets Paisiy Str. or in Sofia аt 1 Oborishte Str.


Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

Owners of gold and silver products with the Bulmint brand should take into account some specific storage conditions. Gold and silver are precious metals, which are very soft and easy to bend/deform. The products must be kept in a place of low humidity where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, in order not to impair the integrity of the package. Please do not use a sharp object on the package or the product itself – you risk damaging it.


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