“Together Forever” Silver Medal, 31.1g

139.00 BGN

Silver is among the traditional wedding or anniversary gifts with which those closest to the happy couple wish them good health and prosperity. This 999.9 silver-proof medal with a diameter of 38.6 mm was made to celebrate eternal love.

Without engraving

In honor of love as one of life’s highest virtues, we present the “Together Forever” silver proof medal. Every element in its design is a tribute to the feeling venerated through the ages in the form of countless songs and works of art - and to its ability to overcome all obstacles.

The medal is minted out of 999.9 silver with a proof matt-gloss finish, a diameter of 38.6 mm and a weight of 31.1 g. An elegant and original wedding or anniversary gift, or simply a gesture towards people you hold dear, silver is a precious keepsake that withstands the test of time - just like the love between two lovebirds.


  • 31.1 g (1 oz) fine silver Ag 999.9 (99.99%)
  • Original themed design
  • Proof quality
  • Luxury packaging
  • Issued with a production limit of 1000 pieces
  • The perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary

The obverse side masterfully utilizes negative space to create an abstract depiction of a man and a woman captured in a gentle expression of love. The composition of the two faces and the interplay of matt and gloss elements are a visual reference to male-female duality - two complementary opposites that complete each other and constantly flow into one another. The way the two halves intertwine into the shape of a heart metaphorically represents the merging of two hearts in eternal love.

The reverse depicts a wreath of blooming flowers, the main focus being the rose - the embodiment of love, beauty and romance. The design features an eternity symbol, which further accentuates the overall theme. The composition forms a circle - a shape with no beginning or end, also associated with immortality and eternity. All of this reinforces the idea behind the design - a celebration of the deep, inextinguishable love between two people and a wish for a happy life together and many more years filled with love.

The luxury packaging opens like a booklet with the technical characteristics of the product inside and a designated spot where you can write your inscription.

Metal Fine Silver
Weight 31.1 g
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 1000 pcs.
Diameter 38.6 mm

Silver as a gift

One of the most widespread traditions across Bulgaria is the act of giving gold or silver as a gift for significant moments in life - a symbolic wish for good health, luck, happiness and love.

This is especially true for one of the most important events life bestows upon us - the wedding. The formation of a new family is a lavishly celebrated occasion, and the guests typically send the newlyweds off on their joint path with gifts that will be of use as they build a future together. Silver is the perfect choice for this custom - a precious metal and valuable keepsake, it is a symbol of purity which has been used over the years to drive away the forces of evil and continues to play an important role in the creation of holy water to this very day. Silver is also a traditional gift for the so-called Silver Wedding - the 25th wedding anniversary of a married couple.

The male-female duality

The harmonious interconnection between two equal and complementary opposites is the subject of many belief systems, the most famous of which is probably the concept of Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese philosophy. They signify the eternally oppositional energies that together form the world - united by function yet constantly blending into one another. Just as Yang cannot exist without Yin and warmth cannot exist without coldness, so does the existence of Man demand the existence of Woman.

The rose

The act of giving a red rose is ostensibly simple, but filled with unspoken meaning, a romantic gesture that is practiced the world over.

Red roses are associated with the Ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite and are mentioned in multiple myths and legends she is a central character in. According to Greek mythology, when her lover Adonis lay mortally wounded by a wild boar, the goddess’s tears mixed with his blood, and out of them was born the first red rose bush. An alternative version of the myth states that in her search for his body, she accidentally cut herself and a drop of her blood fell on a white rose, which instantly turned it bright red. The ancient Romans tell a similar tale - according to them when the goddess Venus - their equivalent of Aphrodite - tried to warn her lover Adonis of a plot to end his life, but on her way to him her ankles got scratched up on a thorny bush. Wherever drops of her blood fell on the ground, red roses sprouted.

In Victorian England, the so-called “language of flowers” was codified. It was a response to the social taboo placed on all public displays of affection at the time. It secured the red rose’s status as a symbol and declaration of romantic love. The works of Shakespeare further spread this meaning of theirs.

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Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

Owners of gold and silver products with the Bulmint brand should take into account some specific storage conditions. Gold and silver are precious metals, which are very soft and easy to bend/deform. The products must be kept in a place of low humidity where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, in order not to impair the integrity of the package. Please do not use a sharp object on the package or the product itself – you risk damaging it.


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