Intention of Investment

"Bulmint Production"  Ltd., UIC: 205579432, with headquarters and management address: Plovdiv Region, Rodopi Municipality, Branipole Village, Anchov Bunar No. 50B, represented by Plamen Zapryanov - Manager


to whom it may concern for its investment intention for "Expansion and improvement of the production activity of the company with a new process: refining of precious metals to a purity of 999.9", at Branipole Village, Rhodopi Municipality, Plovdiv Region.

The aim is to open an analytical laboratory for testing and analyzing the purity of precious metals and their alloys. Part of the activity of the laboratory will be the issuing of certificates - guaranteeing the results from the analysis of the purity and the content of precious metals and their alloys.
To achieve its goals, the company intends to invest funds in the purchase and implementation of new technological equipment (machines, installations, etc.).