Silver martenica for health and good luck, 10g

69.00 BGN

Medal from fine silver 999/1000, proof quality, matt-gloss finish, weight 10 g and color printing. It is dedicated to the celebration of the 1st of March and it depicts white and red tulips bouquet and the traditional martenitsa.It is placed in a luxury white frame with certificate of quality.

The "Silver martenitsa for health and good luck" medal is made of 10 grams of fine silver 999.9 with a diameter of 30 mm in proof quality. It is dedicated to the celebration of the 1st of March and it represents a combination of white and red tulips bouquet and the traditional martenitsa.

The color printing of the obverse is in white, green and red and is an intended reference to the colors of the Bulgarian flag. They further emphasize how unique this custom is and its belonging to the Bulgarian folklore.

On the other hand, the white color of the martenitsa represents the masculine principle, the strength, and later Christianity adds yet another meaning - of innocence, joy and purity. The red color predominates in the traditional Bulgarian folklore costumes. Women's wedding costumes used to be red as well. The color is a symbol of the feminine principle, blood and life.

On the gift of martenitsa on the 1st of March, we traditionally bless each other for health, good luck and prosperity.

Metal Silver
Weight 10 g
Dimensions 30 mm
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 1000 pcs.

Bulgarian Customs and Traditions Program

The Bulgarian Customs and Traditions program is inspired by the ancient traditions that have preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian people throughout the centuries. Bulgarian traditions are an interesting mix of Christian beliefs and pagan rituals. The entire life of many generations of Bulgarians has been directly linked to the cycles of nature and agricultural work.

The Bulgarian Customs and Traditions program includes several collections that present the specific aspects of the Bulgarian customs and traditions. The entire program features color printing of the obverse of the medals, which further emphasizes the deep and detailed relief and makes the composition stand out. Floral details on the reverse of the medal recreate a traditional hand embroidery from the Samokov area.

Baba Marta in Bulgaria

(Baba means ‘Grandma’ and Marta means ‘March’)

The celebration of the 1st of March or “Baba Marta” is one of the most beloved Bulgarian traditions. It is rooted in the distant past and it continues to be celebrated today by Bulgarians all around the world. According to folk beliefs, Baba Marta represents the sun and spring. It is also a personification of the month of March, which is not accidentally called the "women's month".

There are many legends associated with the changing mood of Baba Marta, which is believed to influence the weather. In the past, Bulgarians believed that when she was in a good mood, it would be sunny and warm outside, but if she was angry, a strong wind would blow and clouds would obscure the sun. That is why a large part of the traditions and customs associated with this day and month is dedicated to the conciliation of Baba Marta. It is believed that on March 1st, she visited the people wearing a red dress, red socks and a red headscarf. People believed that the old lady would only enter a tidy house, and for this reason, at the end of February, the families cleaned their homes thoroughly. This spring cleaning symbolized for them getting rid of everything bad, old and unnecessary leftover from the past year.

The most important custom for Baba Marta is braiding and adorning with martenitsas. Martenitsas are twisted or knitted from white and red yarn and put on people and domestic animals, fruit trees, while wishing for good health and prosperity. In the past, Bulgarians wore martenitsas on all parts of the body, including the neck and legs, and sometimes this was even associated with a person's social status. For example, young unmarried girls wore their martenitsas on the left side of their clothes, young bachelors hung them on the little finger of their left hand, and married men put martenitsas in their right sock. Nowadays, they are most commonly worn around the wrist in the form of a bracelet or attached to the garment. The belief is that the decoration with martenitsa will protect a person from evil forces and will bring longevity. This is also done for health, good luck and success in the new year. The old Bulgarians believed that in nature there was an evil force called "loshotia"(evil) which awakened in the spring and the martenitsa was believed to have the magical power of protecting people from it.

The martenitsa is worn until the first stork or swallow is seen. It is removed and placed under a stone. This rite is associated with divination. If there are ants there in a few days, then there will be many lambs, horses or calves during the year and it will be rich. If people want to be rosy and healthy, they have to hang their martenitsa on a flowering tree, and if they want to escape from all evil, they have to throw it in running water to take away the evils.

Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

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