Bulmint supports the professional development of young engineers from the Plovdiv region with career consultations

Published on 13 April 2023

Precious metals product manufacturing is a relatively obscure niche, but it presents an abundance of opportunities for professional development for the young talents of Bulgaria. We recently undertook a series of significant steps to actively promote this industry as a viable career path and opened the door to the world of coin and medal minting for a new generation of engineers.

Behind this initiative stands one of Bulmint’s core ideologies: Investment in the future turns today’s achievements into long-term success.

The first student’s tour of a mint in Bulgaria

Mere days ago, for the first time in Bulgaria, local university students received a behind-the-scenes look into the world of coin and medal minting - and Bulmint became the first mint to ever admit visitors into its production facilities.

97 first-year students from the Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch, visited us at our plant in Plovdiv. Over the course of three days, students studying in a range of programs got a close look at how coins and medals are minted and what kind of processing precious metals require to gain the characteristics needed to transform them into high quality products.

The demonstration was accompanied by a description of the processes - general information, as well as information specific to the group’s university programs.

Our aim was to open the doors to this niche that presents so many opportunities for success for the talented young minds of Bulgaria. This practice is rarely seen even beyond our borders, according to D.Sc Ivan Panov, a lecturer at the Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch.

Aside from valuable experience, the students also acquired information about the opportunities for internships and a full-time job at Bulmint - in accordance with their curriculum.

The Technical University’s 2023 Career Fair - first access to the world of minting

The tour of our facilities was only part of our wider campaign in support of the engineers of the future.

On April 5th Bulmint took part in the Technical University of Sofia’s annual Career Forum - a valuable platform for career consultations for engineering students.

We had the pleasure of meeting a wide array of ambitious students. These future engineers learned about the internships our company offers, as well as the positions that are currently open. Members of our Production team were present as well - ready to answer any and all questions regarding specific positions at the company.

Bulmint at the Technical University of Sofia's 2023 Career Fair in Plovdiv.

Our closed in-house production cycle and cutting-edge machine park were of particular interest. Many were drawn by the opportunities for career development Bulmint presents to its employees, and two of the more proactive students handed in their job applications right there at the fair.

The Technical University’s Career Fair also presented an opportunity for a second encounter with the first-year students who attended the tour of our facility. They were among the most enthusiastic visitors to our stand - already acquainted with our operations and ready to find out how to start and develop their career within our company.

The Technical University of Sofia's 2023 Career Fair in Plovdiv, where Bulmint provided career consultations to engineering students

Bulmint will continue to invest in Bulgaria’s future by actively aiding the professional development of the new generations of engineers. We are eager to meet the bright young specialists that are to emerge from the Technical University in the future - this time as members of our organisation.

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