2022 Graduation Silver Medal, 15.5g

79.00 BGN

The medal is struck in fine silver 999.9 to proof quality, weight of 15.5 g. The medal has a thematic motif, packed in a luxurious package with certificate of quality and authenticity and a place to write your personal message.

The Graduation Silver Medal was created as a special gift and keepsake for high school and university graduates. It was minted from 15.5 grams (½ oz) of fine silver with a diameter of 34 mm in proof, matt-gloss quality.

Graduation is a long-awaited moment for all high-school and university graduates. It marks the completion of an educational degree to start pursuing new horizons in life. That is why it is a tradition to present precious metal gifts for these occasions.


  • 15.5 g (½ oz) fine silver Ag 999.9 (99.99%)
  • Original artistic design
  • Proof quality
  • Luxury packaging
  • Limited edition for the year of graduation 2022
  • Perfect gift for graduation


The obverse depicts an open book, a growing tree, and birds flying out of it as a symbol of knowledge, learning, development, and growth. The inscription "Випуск 2022" (Alumni 2022) indicates the year of graduation. A wreath of laurel twigs flourishes around it as a mark of success, triumph, and high achievements. The owl is associated with knowledge, erudition, and wealth. Besides, it carries a deeper meaning and wishes - for wisdom and longevity.

This original composition of thematically related elements of the obverse and reverse impresses with the exquisite craftsmanship along with the enduring meaning and symbolism.

Manufacturing technology

During the development of the new product and the technological implementation of the project, we implemented revolutionary new high-tech solutions. They allow us to reveal even more of the beauty of silver and expose even the tiniest details of the design, the depth of the relief, and the contrasting matte-gloss effect of the elements.

The silver medal is a suitable gift and keepsake for high school and university graduates and everyone who completes a certain degree in education and development.

Order now and celebrate this joyous occasion with the shine of fine silver.

Metal Fine Silver
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof
Circulation 500 pcs.
Diameter 34 mm

The book and the tree

The open book is the embodiment of education and knowledge. The tree is the process of acquiring new knowledge and developing new skills to last a lifetime. The tree is also a symbol of growth, regeneration, and starting from scratch.

The laurel wreath

The concept of the laurel wreath comes from ancient Greek mythology, and in particular with the god Apollo. Legend has it that Apollo fell in love with the nymph Daphne, the daughter of the river god Penei, but the gods turned her into an evergreen laurel tree. Apollo made a wreath from the branches of the tree and wore it on his head to be always close to his beloved. Elements with laurel twigs adorn all the temples of the god Apollo.

From ancient Greece, the symbol was transferred to Rome. Emperors put on laurel wreaths as an expression of strength and power. Subsequently, the laurel acquired the meaning of a triumphal symbol, which honored the victorious Roman generals for their glory, success, and military bravery.

Over the centuries, the laurel wreath has preserved and developed its symbolism, becoming a heraldic symbol of many countries and the "laureates" - people with excellence in art, science, sports, and more.

The owl

Birds have always been known as powerful messengers. For thousands of years in different parts of the world, owls have been considered to be associated with the spiritual world and wisdom. Hence their symbolism is associated with knowledge, teaching, erudition, and wealth. It is widely believed that the owl as a totem or mascot brings good luck in exams, interviews, and more.

In ancient Greece, the owl was considered a symbol of Athens - the goddess of wisdom.

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