Rozober Silver Medals Collection

Rozober Silver Medals Collection

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The Rozober Silver Medals Collection is a part of the "Bulgarian customs and traditions" program and is dedicated to one of the most beautiful and recognizable symbols of Bulgaria - the Bulgarian rose. Each medal conveys a different aspect of the rose-picking - the young maid surrounded by the lush beauty of flowering rose blossoms; the sunrise over the Rose Valley and the fragrant rose bushes, the young girl with the dreamy eyes that, just like the rose, symbolizes youth and beauty. See more

When creating our medals, we combine the latest technologies and trends in coin minting and the artistic value of fine arts to create a keepsake of high aesthetic and collector's value.

Particular attention in the collection is paid to female images. The portraits of the girls in traditional costumes from the region of the Rose Valley are drawn in the artistic traditions of Bulgarian portrait painting. The colors are bright and natural, symbolizing the strong connection with nature.

The collection includes three 999.9 fine silver medals in three sizes: 15.5 g (½ ounce), 31.1 g (1 ounce), and 155 g (5 ounces), all featuring color printing of the obverse.

Rozober Silver Medal, 15.5g

Metal Silver Weight 15,5 g Dimensions 32,5 mm Purity Silver 9999 Edging Smooth Quality Proof
69.00 BGN

Rozober Silver Medal, 31.1g

Metal Silver Weight 31,1 g Dimensions 45 mm Purity Silver 9999 Edging Smooth Quality Proof
125.00 BGN

Rozober Silver Medal, 155g

Metal Silver Weight 155 g Dimensions 65 mm Purity Silver 9999 Edging Smooth Quality Proof
390.00 BGN

Rozober Silver Medals Collection

Metal Silver Edging Smooth Quality Proof
560.00 BGN