Rozober Silver Medal, 31.1g

125.00 BGN

Medal from fine silver 999/1000, proof quality, matt-gloss finish, weight 31.1 g and color printing. The obverse depicts a branch of blooming roses, and the reverse - traditional Bulgarian hand embroidery. It is placed in a luxury wooden box with certificate of quality.

The second medal from the "Rozober" collection introduces the motif "Sunrise". The medal is struck in fine silver 999/1000 to proof quality with a diameter of 45 mm and weight 31.1 g and represents the early morning over the Rose Valley.

Roses are picked early in the morning before dawn when the dew has not yet evaporated from the blossoms. The medal depicts a branch of blooming roses, and behind them, the dawn can be seen in pink light. The sun is barely visible through the clouds. A new day is coming. The roses are depicted in bright pink-red tones in contrast with the dark sky. The color printing of the obverse makes the composition even more expressive so we can almost feel the freshness of the fragrant morning.

  • The silver medal is part of a one-of-a-kind collection dedicated to the Bulgarian rose;
  • The motives of the obverse and the reverse are created from an original artistic project;
  • Made of silver with the highest purity - Ag 999.9;
  • The medal will be a great gift or keepsake symbolizing the Bulgarian culture and traditions, but it will also appeal to every connoisseur of Bulgarian folklore art.

The Rozober silver medals combine in a special way the latest technologies and trends in minting and the artistic value of fine arts to become objects of high aesthetic and collectible value.

The medal is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a special gift for you - a luxury leather storage box.

Metal Silver
Weight 31,1 g
Dimensions 45 mm
Purity 999.9/1000
Edging Smooth
Quality Proof

Bulgarian Customs and Traditions

The Bulgarian Customs and Traditions program is inspired by the ancient traditions that have preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian people throughout the centuries. Bulgarian traditions are an interesting mix of Christian beliefs and pagan rituals. The entire life of many generations of Bulgarians has been directly linked to the cycles of nature and agricultural work.

The Bulgarian Customs and Traditions program includes several collections that present the specific aspects of the Bulgarian customs and traditions. The entire program features color printing of the obverse of the medals, which further emphasizes the deep and detailed relief and makes the composition stand out. Floral details on the reverse of the medal recreate a traditional hand embroidery from the Samokov area.

Rose-picking/ Rozober

Rozober (meaning Rose-picking) is the second collection of the program. It is dedicated to one of the most beautiful and recognizable symbols of our country - the Bulgarian rose. It includes three fine silver medals in three different dimensions: 15.5 g (½ oz), 31.1 g (1 oz), and 155 g (5 oz) featuring color printing of the obverse.

Roses in Bulgaria

Rose is a symbol of beauty, youth, and health. It is one of the most famous flowers in the whole world and is not accidentally called the "queen of flowers". The Bible also mentions the roses in the Garden of Eden, which were originally white but blushed in red because of the attraction between Adam and Eve. The fragrant flower was greatly revered in Ancient Hellas, Judea, and Persia, and in Babylon, it was also considered a sacred flower. Ancient Greek mythology tells us that the rose bush originated from the sea foam from which Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, was born. Another legend states that the flower was created by Bacchus - the Thracian god of wine and fun, in honor of the most beautiful nymph.

There is a word in every language for this fragrant flower, and in Bulgarian, there are three - rose, “gyul” and “trendafil”.

A special kind of rose is a national symbol of Bulgaria and has found a home in the famous Rose Valley - the unique oil-bearing rose “Rosa Damascena”. Its name comes from Damascus - the city from which it was brought back in the 16th century. Under the influence of the unique climatic and soil conditions of the Balkans, it gradually established itself as a separate species, different from the oil-bearing roses grown in the world. Thus, in the early 19th century, it was named Kazanlak Oil-bearing Rose, and the Sub-Balkan Valley, the common name for the area between Kazanlak, Karlovo, and Strelcha, became known as the Rose Valley. For centuries, Bulgarian rose oil has been used for the production of the highest quality perfumes and cosmetics in the world.

Rose-picking starts at different times each year, usually in late May and early June. Traditionally, roses are harvested early in the morning, before dawn, when the dew has not yet evaporated from the flowers. Fresh roses produce more and higher quality rose oil.

The process continues with the double distillation of the rose flowers, so the rose otto and the rose water are produced. It takes around 3-3,5 tones of rose flowers to produce one liter of rose oil.

Storage of investment products and medals with numismatic value

Holders of gold and silver investment products with the Bulmint brand should take into account some specific storage conditions. Gold and silver are precious metals, which are very soft and easy to bend/deform. Investment products must be kept in a place of low humidity where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, in order not to impair the integrity of the package. Please do not use a sharp object on the package or the investment bullion itself – you risk damaging it.


All Bulmint products are packaged according to the highest criteria established in the world practice. Medal and collectible series are enclosed in capsules and boxes, and the most prominent ones have printed laminated themed packages. The investment gold bars under the Bulmint brand are vacuum-packed in a special blister packaging, designated with the specific product batch and serial number.


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