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The closed medal production cycle – a distinctive feature in the business profile of Bulmint Holding – is a feature achieved by only 10% of the world’s companies in this industry. Our operations span from upgrading gold, silver and platinum refining with 99.99% bank purity to high-tech minting processes. We combine metal casting, rolling, cutting, mold production, and surface treatment, drawing the product artwork, making the custom tools specific for the order, and the finished product engraving processing, in a comprehensive production cycle.

We are a major supplier of coin and medal casting molds to various mints and companies from all over Europe. Trust is a primary factor in the field of precious metal production and minting. It is built with perfectionism at every stage:

1. Conceptual design
2. Design development
3. Planning
4. Processing
5. Result

revolutionary work mode
One Week
1. Planning
2. Idea
3. Design
4. Processing
5. Result
You receive a finished product only a week after presenting the conceptual design and technical specifications

The speed of orders realization is a distinctive feature of Bulmint Holding. We introduced the revolutionary “One Week” work mode, which means that our customers receive a finished product only a week after presenting the conceptual design and technical specifications. This unprecedented production speed is possible thanks to the following key factors – closed process cycle, corporate flexibility, state-of-the-art equipment, expert team, and competitive prices.

The strict quality assurance control ensures compliance with criteria established in each of the production processes and in the grading of the quality of finished products. Every member of our staff exhibits equal attitude of precision towards all ordinary handling activities and jewelry operations. Creativity is an invariable condition for the authors of our conceptual designs. The creative environment spans across all other units of the company.

Make Your Events Memorable With Custom Medal Emissions
Order Custom Emission
Company parties, anniversaries, jubilees, graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc

We develop custom-made designs for creation of medal emissions for corporate events and personal occasions– corporate celebrations, anniversaries, family anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, baptizing ceremonies, and other occasions.

Our art team emphasizes the most distinctive features of each idea and achieves the most aesthetic image in the final product.

We also produce gold and silver investment products at unprecedented prices, meeting the highest quality, security, and authenticity criteria.